Cancellation policy

The guest can cancel free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. The guest pays the cost of the first night if he/she cancels within 7 days of arrival. If the guest does not show up, he/she pays the total price of the reservation.

For COVID-19 situations, we are more flexible when it comes to canceling a booking. If the booked guest or his planned accompanying guest tests positive and/or must comply with quarantine during the period of the planned stay in our B&B, cancellation with refund is possible until the day of arrival. To qualify for this exception, the guest must be able to present a valid test result.

7 days after notification of the cancellation, we will refund the amount paid, minus the commission costs for the digital platforms used for the booking (this is usually about 1 euro). We will refund by means of a refund to the bank account from which we received the payment. Exceptions to this are not possible.