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Travel guide Borgerhout: book presentation on 9/11

Travel guide Borgerhout: book presentation on 9/11

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 8 pm we will present our Travel Guide Borgerhout in the beautiful district house of Borgerhout. Everyone is welcome, but please register via

Yes: a travel guide! About Borgerhout!

A book for anyone who thinks that there is nothing to see or experience in Borgerhout. That there are no monuments or events, no squares or parks, no cafes or restaurants...

A book also for anyone who knows that all this can be found in Borgerhout, and is curious about how and why it came about.

A book that is both a travel guide to the best of Borgerhout, and a time travel through history that helps to better understand the Borgerhout today.

Discover the must-do things in Borgerhout. With tips for foodies, for families with children, for lovers of greenery, art and culture, and architecture.

From Moorkensplein over Te Boelaerpark to Stan Ockersstraat - and in between.

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